Saints Row Developer Releases Cancelled PSP Game for Free

Saints Row Undercover was a planned built-from-scratch instalment for the PlayStation Portable that was cancelled back in 2009. But in an unprecedented move, developer Volition has released an unfinished version of the open world gangster game for free, after a staff member came across a development kit while looking through closet trash. “It’s kind of like this ‘oh shit’ moment ... Read More »

WWE and 2K Games to Continue Making Pro Wrestling Games for All Your Devices

California-based developer 2K Games will continue to develop wrestling games bearing the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) moniker and content, the companies announced on Thursday after extending their partnership with “a new multi-year exclusive agreement”. The WWE 2K series is developed in conjunction with 2K’s own Visual Concepts and Yuke’s – the Japanese developer behind the WWF SmackDown games since its ... Read More »

Need for Speed Gets Photo Mode, Sharing Options

Need for Speed might not have got the warmest of receptions but that hasn’t stopped developer Ghost Games adding a slew of new features to its open-world racer. These include photo mode for you to take pictures and show off your ride. “Hit start to get to phone screen, then select Snapshot Pro from the phone menu. You’ll then be ... Read More »

Apple Quietly Working on Virtual Reality: Report

Apple has a team secretly working on virtual and augmented reality gear in a budding challenge to Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens, the Financial Times reported on Friday. The teams ranks number in the hundreds, bolstered by talent hired away from companies working on altered-reality technology and buying startups in the fields, according to the Times. Apple also has ... Read More »

Virtual Reality Headsets Can Trigger Motion Sickness, Nausea: Study

Regular virtual reality (VR) headset-users who play motion-heavy videos suffer the most from motion sickness and nausea, researchers have found. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison demonstrated this by making the participants watch motion-heavy videos through the Oculus Rift – a 3D virtual reality headset worn like a pair of goggles. The results, published in the journal Entertainment Computing with ... Read More »

Latest PS Vita Firmware Update Makes It Unusable, Users Report

If you’re one of the few who own the PS Vita, there’s a good chance that your handheld might be suffering from a host of issues brought about by the latest firmware update 3.57. Though most PS Vita patch notes have an indication of enhancing “stability”, all that the 3.57 firmware update did was remove features related to Facebook. And ... Read More »

The Division Windows Beta Lacks Proper Anti-Cheat Technology; Ubisoft Aware of Issues

With Ubisoft’s third-person role-playing game hybrid The Division having its beta extended by a day, PC users have taken to Reddit upon discovering how easy it is to cheat in the game. “I’m a reverse engineer and experienced game developer that specialises in most game securities. I love this game too much to see this game go down in flames. ... Read More »

EA Forecast Disappoints as Star Wars’ Game Success Proves Bittersweet

Electronic Arts Inc’s quarterly revenue missed analysts’ estimates and the company did not raise its full-year forecasts as much as expected as the strong sales of the newly launched “Star Wars: Battlefront” proved to be bittersweet. Shares of Electronic Arts, which is known to issue conservative forecasts, tumbled 8 percent in after-hours trading on Thursday. The hotly anticipated first-person shooter ... Read More »

PC Games Outsold Mobile Games in 2015

It appears that PC digital game sales fared better than mobile gaming in 2015. According to market research firm Superdata, PC downloadable games earned over $32 billion (roughly Rs. 2,17,585 crores) annually, well above the $25.1 billion (around Rs. 1,69,989 crores) generated by mobile games. And this isn’t all. Although mobile gaming appears to be a bigger focal point for ... Read More »

Spotify Gathering $500 Million Growth Investment: Report

Sweden’s world number one music streaming provider Spotify is on the point of raising $500 million (roughly Rs. 3,403 crores) in investor notes in order to underpin projected future growth, the Svenska Dagbladet daily reported Wednesday. The paper said potential investors would be invited to a meeting on the subject in Stockholm “next week.” The paper added that Spotify “will ... Read More »