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Google Fiber Initiative Launched to Give Free Internet to the Poor

Google Fiber says it’s going to give away its high speed Internet service to thousands of low-income Americans across the country who can’t afford gigabit broadband. Starting with its Kansas City market, Google Fiber eventually plans to wire “select” public housing buildings in all of the cities where it operates, the company said. Service will be switched on Wednesday for ... Read More »

Google Will Now Warn You About Websites With Misleading ‘Download’ Buttons

Google has long been trying to curtail shady websites from appearing on its search results, and it also protects users across different Web browsers from visiting websites that host scam ads. On Wednesday, the Mountain View-based company announced the next step in its ongoing battle against fraudulent websites. Google says that it is flagging ads that trick users into downloading ... Read More »

On ‘Friends Day’, Facebook Creates Personalised Videos That Celebrate Your Friends

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday celebrated the social media giant’s 12th anniversary as Friends Day. He talks about the things we learn with friends and that they give “meaning to our lives.” To celebrate the occasion, Facebook has also introduced Friends Day Video, Sticker Packs, and more for its users. Zuckerberg on a Facebook post thanked the social network’s ... Read More »

YouTube Red’s Original Movies, Shows to Launch Next Week

YouTube’s viral video stars, many of whom have a fan following in the millions, are set to appear next week in original movies and a show, as the video site attempts to attract users to its paid service. PewDiePie, who has attracted 42 million followers with his comic commentary on video game gameplay, will star in a reality-adventure series that ... Read More »

Facebook Says Investigating ‘Reports of Speed Issues’ With Android App

Facebook has responded to user reports about speed issues caused by its Android app. The company said it is investigating the issue. In a statement to Gadgets 360, a Facebook spokesperson said, “We have heard reports of some people experiencing speed issues stemming from our Android app. We are looking into this and will keep you posted. We are committed ... Read More »

Facebook and Messenger Apps for Android Causing Battery Drain, Users Report

Social media giant Facebook’s official mobile app for Android (as well as Messenger) is slowing smartphones by 15 percent and is consuming excess battery power, a media report citing users said on Tuesday. The hugely-successful apps were hit with controversy this week after a number of reports showed they drained battery life and slowed phones, reported Monday. Facebook fans ... Read More »

Google Will No Longer Ask You to Use Google+ to Play Android Games

In what appears to be another instance of Google decoupling Google+ from other services, Google Play Games, the Mountain View company’s online gaming service and SDK, will let you play your games without signing into Google+. Players will no longer be asked to sign-in to Google+ every time they play a game that uses Google Play Games API. Also, players ... Read More »

Google Brings Real-Time Commenting to Docs, Sheets, Slides for Mobile

If you love collaborating with your friends and colleagues on the Google Drive apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides), you will like the new changes the company has made across its mobile office suite. Among other changes, the real-time commenting feature is now available on Android and iOS apps. Google on Wednesday announced that Android and iOS users of its Google Drive ... Read More »

Facebook Brings Live Video Streaming to All iPhone Users in the US

Facebook is ready to start broadcasting live video on its iPhone app. The option to show live video is being turned on Thursday for everyone in the US with Facebook’s app installed on an iPhone. The California company plans to extend the iPhone feature to all 1.6 billion of its worldwide users in the next few weeks. The feature will ... Read More »

YouTube Wins German Appeal Over Artists’ Fees

A German court has handed Google another legal victory over German performing rights organisation Gema, which had sought to make the company’s video-sharing service YouTube pay each time users watch music videos by artists it represents. YouTube has introduced schemes that allow artists to earn money from advertising sold alongside their videos but many in the music business argue this ... Read More »