10 health and fitness tips for the over 40s, according to Gladiators’ Hunter


If you’ve reached middle age and need some motivation to get moving, who better to turn to than a personal trainer who had a nine-year run in the hit TV sports show, and was crowned the Ultimate Gladiator in the grand finale.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to train like a gladiator, embark on a 12-week programme of intense exercise or go on a faddy diet to be in the best shape of your life.

James Crossley (aka Hunter) has spent the past 15 years educating clients in ‘age-appropriate’ health and fitness to bring about a balanced and healthy lifestyle, designed to filter into all aspects of your life, acting as a positive influence.

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Studies suggest there are a number of myths and truths surrounding health and fitness for those in their forties and beyond, such as ‘with age it becomes increasingly difficult to lose body fat and put on muscle’.

However, with the correct lifestyle adjustments combined with training, James says the over forties still have the ability to build muscle and change their body shape, improve energy levels and transform decades of bad habits.

We’re not talking about a quick fix transformation that’s not sustainable, but more long term simple changes that can be made to your daily routine.

Here are James’s top 10 tips…

1. Full Body Workout

Do a full body workout three times a week. The more muscles worked means more calories are burned at rest.

2. Ditch the Sugar

Avoid fizzy and energy drinks and any product packed with sugar. Stick to fresh water and teas.

3. Try Fasted Cardio

Get up 20 minutes earlier and do short forms of exercise on an empty stomach 2-3 times a week.

4. Diet

My best tip is to get a steamer, a simple way to prepare food and keeps calories in check.

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5. Don’t fear the fat

Good fats from nuts, avocados etc are hugely beneficial.

6. Yoga

Stress is a huge killer of body composition. Learn to relax mind and body.

7. Alcohol

Contains so many calories, regulate your drinking and avoid high calorie items like beer.

8. Sleep

Often overlooked. Don’t forget, when you work out, you break your body down so you need time to recover.

9. Green Tea

A great choice to help rev up your metabolism and full of anti-oxidants.

10. Set Goals

You need to set a goal to hit any target. Start with simple goals but it’s important to have a well-defined high stakes long-term goal to work towards.

How do you stay fit and healthy? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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