8 Trending Footwear Styles To Have This Summer

“Shoes affect our perceptions of others and our perceptions of self”, a statement given in a survey conducted by Russell W. Belk, University of Utah in 1990-2000. Even if we are wearing the prettiest outfit, our look can go completely off the hook if we team it with the wrong footwear. Every pair of footwear has a specific time to come out of your shoe rack and we have the perfect summer list curated for you:

1. Gladiators
As the name suggests, these were worn by the gladiators of the Roman Empire. Initially worn by men, this style has now come in the list of most stylish footwear for women that give a classy and flamboyant look.

2. Strap sandals
A perfect choice for summers would be cool, casual flats. Not too glittery but simple, strapped flats can not only give you a delicate look but also great comfort.

3. Sneakers
If the tomboy in you is scared to try those stilettoes, then go in for a pair of trendy sneakers that help you stay comfortable through the wretched heat. They could be your favorite sneakers and when paired with boyfriend jeans you’ll be all set to go!  

4. Flip flops
What’s a better way to beat the heat than wearing Hawaiian flip flops? Get colorful flip flops that go with every casual look. It’s both, cool and stylish.

5. Punjabi Mojaris
Mojaris are said to be a part of typical Punjabi attire. But they are the best option for any Indian or indo-western look. Keep it light while keeping it elegant and subtle.

6. Multi-color wedges
Wedges are the friendliest heels. They are very comfortable and they comfortably do the job of heels. So if you want to experiment with heels this summers, we recommend you try a pair of neon wedges!

7. Espadrilles
If laces don’t work for you, cross them off your list and add to it a pair of Espadrilles. Easy to slip on for that impromptu late night drive and so comfy when it comes to long shopping dates with your girlfriend, espadrilles definitely have you covered.

8. Belly
A pair of bellies or Ballerina flats gives one the desired feminine look. It syncs with any outfit you choose to wear and is versatile in every way.