Apple AirPods Strap Launched by Spigen, a $10 Accessory to Hold Them Together

Apple AirPods Strap Launched by Spigen, a $10 Accessory to Hold Them Together

When Apple announced the iPhone 7 last week, it was for sure the highly anticipated Apple product that everybody had been waiting. But alongside, Apple also announced a new product that soon became the butt of quite a jokes – the AirPods. AirPods are the wireless earbuds that will ship later this October. For a price of $159 (to cost Rs. 15,400 in India), AirPods also brought along with them the concern that users may lose them very easily.

From the jokes comparing AirPods to ‘broken spoons’ and to more unsavoury products, Internet is all abuzz with humour. The reason being the awkward design of the earbuds that makes them look like EarPods without wires. While the AirPods may not be as prone of falling out as previously anticipated, the possibility of loss of just one of the AirPods is very real.

AirPods are wireless and go inside your ears with a stick-like lobe hanging below it. To protect AirPods from getting lost, you can now actually hold them together to avoid any loss – thanks to Spigen’s AirPods strap. Spigen, a South Korean mobile accessory maker, may just have solution to the AirPods’ biggest problem with a $10 (roughly Rs. 670) strap accessory that holds both AirPods earbuds together.

The Spigen AirPods Strap puts a wire between the AirPods that keep hanging around your neck when you accidentally remove one of them, just like wireless in-ear headphones with cords. It comes with a wire holder to remain tangle free.

Although the AirPods Straf strap actually defeats the AirPods USP that they are totally wireless, it is still handy for the reckless user. It will go on sale on October 17 when AirPods will be officially available in the market.