How can startups take the nearest exit to success

Image result for How can startups take the nearest exit to successIndia is working hard to be counted as a mature startup hub globally. The question is whether this reputation would still hold true if the ecosystem does not see a constant stream of healthy exits across sectors.

At a global level, India can be counted among the top few when it comes to startup exits. According to YourStory data, a total of 101 acquisitions and exits took place over the course of H1 2017, compared to ­­­­80 acquisitions made in a similar period in the previous year.

For founders, their conundrum is: If a company is sold, will they be considered a sell-out? Venture capitalists considering an exit may wonder how they can strike a balance between what is right for the company, and what is right for them. And lastly, what does it take to successfully exit and provide liquidity to shareholders and employees of a company?

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