Carnation – the fairest of the season!


Of trembling winter, the fairest flowers o’ th’ season
Are our carnations…,
” wrote William Shakespeare.

If you are born in the month of January, carnation, considered “the fairest of flowers of the season”, is your flower.

Flushed with prettiness, sweet fragrance, splendid hues and good luck, this January flower has fascinated and inspired many great souls and romantic at heart.

Grown and cultivated with a lot of care and tending, carnation is associated with different emotions, beliefs and symbols that enhance its international status.

Red carnation symbolises tender heart, pure love and romance.

Pink carnation gives a message of happiness and remembrance.

Purple carnation signifies capriciousness.

Yellow carnation symbolizes disappointment.

White carnation reflects sweetness, innocence and gratitude.

Striped carnation indicates sadness and apology.

In Korea, there has been a tradition on Mother’s Day to put on a red or pink carnation to honour the parents who are alive and white carnation if they are no more.

Purple carnations are the national funeral flower in France. In UK and Ireland people wear purple carnation on ST. Patrick’s Day.

White carnations are worn by UK’s Oxford University students during their first exam and red on the last one. Pink is regularly worn throughout all other exams.

The history of the flower dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. In Christian tradition, it is believed that the first carnation came into existence on earth when Virgin Mary shed her first tear seeing her son Jesus carrying the cross to his crucifixion. During ancient times, the flowers often grew in pale, pink and peach colours. But walking a long way, it has soaked up great changes in shades and structure. Nowadays, carnations are widely used in weddings and ceremonies.

Carnations are the florists’ beloved. Some carnations are exceptionally aromatic, especially the Australian ones. Not only its positive charm and powerful beauty fascinate people, its edible nature has also added to its popularity. It is a good choice when it comes to salad seasoning, cake garnishing and French liquor ‘Chartreuse’ brewing.

They are easy to grow and among the longest lasting cut flowers all around the world. They can make your surroundings blissful bright, and sweetly fragrant.