Doom Release Date, Collector’s Edition Announced

It’s been in development hell for the better part of a decade but Doom finally has a release date. The first-person shooter will hit the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 13 worldwide publisher Bethesda announced. As is the case with many a revered franchise these days, there’s a collector’s edition too. For $119.99 (around Rs.8,100) you get a ... Read More »

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Electronic Arts (EA) has revealed that open-world first-person parkour game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will have a closed beta. It follows the footsteps of just about every major game release this generation suchCall of Duty: Black Ops 3, The Division, Destiny, and Star Wars Battlefront to name a few. And like most betas, you’ll have to sign up on a website. ... Read More »

Pirated Games May Disappear in 2 Years, Says Top Cracking Group

With the current state of anti-piracy technology, there may not be any more pirated games to play in two years. The claim comes after Chinese cracking group 3DM attempted to break the Denuvo security on open-world action game, Just Cause 3. “Recently, many people have asked about cracks for ‘Just Cause 3′, so here is a centralised answer to this ... Read More »

PlayStation VR to Cost More Than the Oculus Rift?

After outrage over the price tag of the much-awaited virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, it appears that Sony’s PlayStation VR (PS VR) device might be more expensive. This was unearthed by Forbes which found the headset listed on Amazon Canada for CAD 1,125.35, which works out to just over $800 (around Rs. 53,330). If true it would mean that PS ... Read More »

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Explains Why the Rift Has a $600 Price Tag

This week, Oculus finally announced the consumer launch of its Rift virtual reality headset — more than three years after its original Kickstarter launch, and nearly two years since Facebook bought the firmfor $1 billion (roughly Rs. 6,688 crores). The launch came with a lot of hype, and pre-order supplies went quickly. (Try to pre-order one now and you get ... Read More »

PlayStation India, Xbox India Heads Move On

The head of Xbox India, Anshu Mor, has moved on. This news comes via his Twitter account. “Celebrating my last week at Microsoft India. An end of a fantastic 11yrs journey. Moving on to start my own company,” he tweeted on Monday. Mor, whose official title was Director – Interactive Entertainment Business, was responsible for launching Kinect for the Xbox ... Read More »

New GTA V Mod Brings Watch Dogs to Los Santos

It seems the modding community of Grand Theft Auto V keeps outdoing itself again and again. A new mod out of Brazil that was released on Saturday has brought quite a few elements of Ubisoft’s 2014 third-person open-world game Watch Dogs to Rockstar’s own open world adventure. From bringing Earth’s largest mammal – the blue whale – to the city ... Read More »

Sony Wants to Trademark ‘Let’s Play’

It’s fair to say you’ve come across a ‘Let’s Play’ video in your time spent browsing the World Wide Web. It’s become a phenomenon of sorts in recent years, arguably earning people like Swedish-based comedian and video gamer Felix Kjellberg (read: Pewdiepie) millions of dollars in revenue each year. With its own promotional material featuring the tag line, Japanese giant ... Read More »

Capcom Discusses Dragon’s Dogma PC Port, Possible Sequel

Action role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is set to arrive on Windows PCs this week after the announcement last September, and the game’s Japanese developer Capcom – known for franchises such as Mega Man and Street Fighter – has labelled the reaction of PC gamers essential for a possible consideration of any planned sequels. Speaking to video gaming news ... Read More »

Uncharted 4 Has More in Common With The Last of Us Than You Think

Uncharted 4 is a mere three months away. What this means is the marketing machinery at Sony is getting primed for the inevitable burst of activity aimed at making you aware of (if not immediately purchasing) the PS4 exclusive in a series that’s wide perceived as the video game equivalent to Indiana Jones. In a run up to that, The ... Read More »