Ubisoft Humble Bundle: Get The Division, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Cheap

Known for its incredibly generous indie bundles that let you pay what you want (and decide what amount should be divided between charity and developers), the Humble Bundle is exactly what its name implies – unassumingly great deals. This time around, big AAA publisher Ubisoft headlines its latest offer. Paying $1 (around Rs. 68) nets you access to Western-themed shooter ... Read More »

Here’s Why Ark: Survival Evolved Isn’t on Early Access for the PS4

2015’s break out PC hit, Ark: Survival Evolved, is available for the Xbox One as well via Microsoft’s Xbox One Game Preview Program. But co-founder and co-creative director at Studio Wildcard Jesse Rapczak wishes it was available on the PS4 just as early instead of its June 2016 release window. “We’re pretty excited about PS4. We wish Sony had an ... Read More »

At 83, Former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld Develops a Mobile Game

Former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has released a mobile card game at the age of 83. Called Churchill Solitaire, it’s a card game former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill played throughout World War II to improve his strategic thinking. Rather than code it himself, voice memos were sent to the developers with his ideas and feedback. “Instead of ... Read More »

Nintendo NX Slated for 2016 Release According to Leaked Survey

With Nintendo staying mum on what to expect from its latest console, the NX, a survey by US retailer GameStop states it will be out in 2016. The survey was unearthed by Nintendo news site, GoNintendo. It pits the Nintendo NX against known gaming hardware out this year such as the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Of interest ... Read More »

Google Will No Longer Ask You to Use Google+ to Play Android Games

In what appears to be another instance of Google decoupling Google+ from other services, Google Play Games, the Mountain View company’s online gaming service and SDK, will let you play your games without signing into Google+. Players will no longer be asked to sign-in to Google+ every time they play a game that uses Google Play Games API. Also, players ... Read More »

EA Unveils 2016 Roster for Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass

From travelling to the infamous Death Star to Jabba the Hutt’s residence, Electronic Arts has provided details on what players can expect for their money from the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass this year. Writing on the official blog, senior producer on Battlefront Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir said the game’s Season Pass won’t be the only one to receive new content, with ... Read More »

Michael Jackson Worked on Sonic 3 Music, Confirm Fellow Contributors

Whether the late Michael Jackson played any part in the soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has remained a topic of contention and debate in the video gaming community over the years. A new report confirms the King of Pop did indeed contribute to the Sega game back in 1993 after an impromptu decision to visit the company’s secret studio ... Read More »

Quantum Break for PC Rated in Brazil – Then Goes Missing

Quantum Break, an upcoming third-person shooter that revolves around a hero capable of time manipulation, has been handed the rating of “16+” in Brazil for the PC despite having never been announced for the system. The Xbox One exclusive is scheduled for release on April 5 this year, and has yet to be rated by the American-based Entertainment Software Rating ... Read More »

Why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Have Their Eyes Set on the Chinese Game of Go

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a link to a research paper that shows off the company’s progress in creating a bot that can move lightning fast, and still be as good as previous systems at playing Go. Go is a Chinese game where two players place stones alternatively on a 19×19 grid, to capture more territory over the opponent. ... Read More »

Sony Moves PlayStation Business to Silicon Valley

Sony announced Tuesday it is moving its PlayStation business to Silicon Valley and consolidating its game console offerings under one roof. The Japanese entertainment and consumer electronics giant said that as of April, its PlayStation hardware, software and online businesses will be unified in a new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment. The freshly formed company will bring together Sony Computer ... Read More »