The Purpose of a Mileage Log For Taxes

A mileage log can help keep track of your business expenses, primarily if you use your vehicle for business purposes. Keeping detailed business mileage records will help determine which fees are tax deductible. Keep Detailed Records Of Your Business Mileage. You need to keep detailed records to deduct business mileage from your taxes. For example, you can keep an “at-the-time” ... Read More »

Facts You Should Know About Professional UX Designers

UX designers have various skills. These skills include empathy, curiosity, and clear ideas. Empathy is one of the most critical attributes because it helps them to design applications that fit people’s needs and behavior. Curiosity is another critical quality because it allows them to discover the reasons behind behaviors. It’s More Collaborative Than Ui Design. The main differences between UI ... Read More »

Championing Progress in Government Digital Modernization: Highlights from TOGETHER DC 2022

On June 14, government leaders and employees, industry experts, and emerging technology advocates gathered at UiPath TOGETHER DC Public Sector event. They shared the latest trends, use cases, implementation strategies and success stories surrounding robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and other emerging technologies across government. Last month, UiPath Co-CEO Robert Enslin kicked off TOGETHER DC 2022 and shared his excitement, saying: I ... Read More »

How wealth advisors temper the portfolio risks of newbie ESOP millionaires

Alok Saigal has spent the last seven years advising his firm’s private wealth and high networth clients on how to invest their money. He is the President and Head–Private Wealth at Edelweiss Wealth. Saigal has been a finance professional for close to 20 years now. But when young 20-something clients walk into his office flaunting their employees’ stock options (ESOPs), Saigal says ... Read More »

Things to Consider in Buying Locking Casters

When buying lockable casters, you have a lot of options. There are many things to consider, from styles and materials to swiveling and locking options. If you’re unsure how to make a final decision, this buying guide can help. You’ll learn all about locking, swiveling, and braking options and which ones offer the best benefits. Read on to learn more! ... Read More »

4 Tips for Removing Junk for a Living

If you’re looking for an unconventional way to earn a living that doesn’t involve the nine-to-five routine, think about removing junk for a living. Plenty of people are drowning in needless stuff and would be happy to pay you to clear out the clutter in their lives. Here are some tips. 1. Do Your Homework Make sure there are enough ... Read More »

Best TWS Earbuds Under Rs 5,000 in India – April 2022 Edition

The true wireless earbuds market continues to get more competitive as smartphone makers are still ditching wired earphones from the package. Not only this, but some smartphone makers have also started removing the 3.5mm audio jack from their entry-level mid-budget phones to boost the sales of the in-house TWS earbuds. In India, customers will find a lot of options under Rs ... Read More »

How Intel’s Optane Memory leads to misleading specs in PC advertisements

When does a PC have “24GB of memory?” When its Intel Optane Memory, which assists in storage, is being counted on top of the 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM we’re used to seeing on mainstream PCs. Traditional RAM and Optane Memory do different things, so the fact that some PCs are showing this blended spec is bound to confuse shoppers ... Read More »

3 Tips for Preparing for a Disaster

In these uncertain times, disaster could strike in a number of different ways. War could happen or the economy could collapse. Or there might be an EMP attack, where an atomic bomb is detonated in the atmosphere wiping out all electrical devices for miles. If worrying about such events keeps you up at night, taking precautions now could ease your ... Read More »

How do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail bonds operate by allowing an individual in jail to post bonds that he or she would have not been able to afford on their own. A bail bondsman is the one who posts the full amount on the behalf of the defendant. The defendant then pays the bail bondsman a percentage of the amount of the bail, typically 10 ... Read More »