Brands Need to Make Online Mobile Shopping Easier: Facebook

Although young shoppers are increasingly buying smartphones online, they believe brands can further improve this by providing a seamless experience across a variety of channels on the path to purchase, a new Facebook study has revealed. Shoppers are increasingly turning to mobiles for research, comparing prices and even making their final purchase. “Indeed, 45 percent of all shopping journeys today ... Read More »

On ‘Friends Day’, Facebook Creates Personalised Videos That Celebrate Your Friends

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday celebrated the social media giant’s 12th anniversary as Friends Day. He talks about the things we learn with friends and that they give “meaning to our lives.” To celebrate the occasion, Facebook has also introduced Friends Day Video, Sticker Packs, and more for its users. Zuckerberg on a Facebook post thanked the social network’s ... Read More »

Facebook Says Investigating ‘Reports of Speed Issues’ With Android App

Facebook has responded to user reports about speed issues caused by its Android app. The company said it is investigating the issue. In a statement to Gadgets 360, a Facebook spokesperson said, “We have heard reports of some people experiencing speed issues stemming from our Android app. We are looking into this and will keep you posted. We are committed ... Read More »

Facebook and Messenger Apps for Android Causing Battery Drain, Users Report

Social media giant Facebook’s official mobile app for Android (as well as Messenger) is slowing smartphones by 15 percent and is consuming excess battery power, a media report citing users said on Tuesday. The hugely-successful apps were hit with controversy this week after a number of reports showed they drained battery life and slowed phones, express.co.uk reported Monday. Facebook fans ... Read More »

Facebook Brings Live Video Streaming to All iPhone Users in the US

Facebook is ready to start broadcasting live video on its iPhone app. The option to show live video is being turned on Thursday for everyone in the US with Facebook’s app installed on an iPhone. The California company plans to extend the iPhone feature to all 1.6 billion of its worldwide users in the next few weeks. The feature will ... Read More »

Facebook to Kill Its Parse Mobile Development Service

In what comes as a surprise, Facebook has announced that it is shutting down Parse, its mobile backend as a service (MBaaS). The social networking juggernaut said that it will discontinue the service completely on January 28, 2017. It has made available guides and tools to help users with the transition. Facebook announced this week that it is discontinuing Parse, ... Read More »

Thai Junta Pressures Facebook, Line to Censor Online Posts

Thailand’s military government will try to persuade media companies Facebook and Line to comply with court orders to remove content it considers harmful to peace and order, a senior official said Sunday. The junta-appointed NRSA advisory council plans to meet executives from the two companies in the next three months, council member Major General Pisit Paoin told Reuters. The government ... Read More »

Facebook Now at 1.59 Billion Monthly Visitors

Facebook quarterly profit more than doubled as its ranks swelled during the past year to a mammoth user base of nearly 1.6 billion, it said Wednesday. “Our community continued to grow and our business is thriving,” said Facebook co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in releasing quarterly results for the world’s biggest social network which comfortably exceeded expectations. It reported ... Read More »

Facebook Blocking Some Hike Messenger Ads, Claims Company

Popular mobile messaging app Hike has claimed that Facebook is blocking an option in its advertisements which allows people visit the company’s site. It’s worth noting that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a rival service to Hike messaging app. A Hike spokesperson told PTI, “Advertisers have, among other options, the option to ‘Send people to your website’. A few weeks back we ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger for Mac App in Development: Report

Facebook is building an as-yet-unreleased Facebook Messenger app for Mac desktop that would help Apple users to instantly access it straight from the dock, a media report said. Instead of getting buried in one of many Web browser tabs that users have to switch to so they can text friends, the dedicated Messenger desktop app would be instantly accessible from ... Read More »