Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book Get New Top-End Models

If the existing top-of-the-line Surface Book and the Surface Pro models weren’t cutting it for you,Microsoft has introduced more powerful new models for both. Now you can finally snag a 1TB inbuilt storage with Intel Core i7 model. The new top-end Surface Book model features 1TB of SSD, 16GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU, and a 6th generation Intel Core ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets Take an Embarrassing Hit During NFL Game

Microsoft may have managed to find a way or two to make its Surface devices business money-making, but that hasn’t stopped the lineup from making embarrassing slip-ups every once in a while. The latest incident happened during last night’s NFL playoffs. The Redmond giant pays the US National Football League (NFL) a lot of cash in an attempt to make ... Read More »