Are you a confused bride? Hire a personal shopper


Hiring a personal shopper or stylist can help in decreasing the confusion for brides, who cannot make up their mind on what to wear.

Sheena Agarwaal, director, Urbanista Image Consultancy, shares tips to keep in mind while hiring personal shoppers and stylists:

* Know your personal shopper: Meet your personal shopper in person before hiring them. It is important for you to trust the person’s taste and judgment and that will only come once you have met him or her in person. It’s important that your philosophies match.

* Be clear on your needs: It helps your personal shopper help you curate the best and save time while at it. Some brides like to include a lot of statement pieces in their wardrobe, others like to keep it simple by adding clothes they could wear every day.

* Discuss your budget: Remember you are a team and need to work like one. Honesty here will only help you get the desired look without worrying too much and help him or her find the right vendors for you.

* Collect your looks: Collect photographs of looks that you like. Show them to your personal shopper. It allows them to get a sense of your personal style and want.

* Be open to experimentation and suggestions: As a personal shopper and stylist, her or she will help you understand your inherent body design and style you for it. Be open to new ideas that might come your way. It can only help.