Finally, startups get a healthy dose of ‘vitamins’ B and C in 2017

Overall venture capital and private equity funding nearly doubled to $7 billion in the first half of 2017 (H1 2017) over the comparable period last year. However, the number of deals fell from 536 to 387, resulting in a higher average deal size. The euphoria of 2015 is a distant memory, as is all the talk about winter coming (or going). Valuations have had a roller-coaster ride but appear to have settled down to realistic levels.

According to Parag Dhol, Managing Director, Inventus Capital,

“It was the year of correction and sanitisation. Many companies were hyperfunded and that adversely affected the startup ecosystem. Today, investors are looking for companies that are truly solving a problem and have they got the economics in place. India as a market cannot handle hyper funded startups. It needs time and space to grow and hyper funding spoils this.”