Google+ for business marketing

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If you have been thinking that investing resources and time in marketing your brand on Google+ is not worth it and have been ignoring it all this while, you need to reconsider your marketing preferences.

Google+ had around 540 million active monthly users in 2016, and it is posolutely not a quiet display platform that your business can afford to brush off. Besides being a social media platform, Google+ is also an effective tool in social media marketing. Since its launch in 2011, the platform has developed exceedingly and has also picked up notable statistics against other well-known social media websites and applications.

Unlike other social media networks, Google+ offers one of the easiest ways to connect with users via the ‘Hangouts’ live chat. Various brands across the world have been using the feature to personally connect with users to foster loyalty and brand appeal.

Another way to engage with these influencers is to use ‘Circles’ to dispense even more custom-fit material to those who matter. Engaging with the right people in a right direction leads to more meaningful connections in the long run, and these contacts also turn into events that support and promote the brand.

What is interesting is that everything that is posted on Google+ for Business page is immediately indexed by Google. Thus, the content that businesses post there have high probabilities to rank in search results even if their websites don’t, which is an ideal way for both well-established brands and start-ups to highlight their content as the websites which appear on the first page of Google get more than half of all clicks from users.

Here are some brands that use the platform actively






So, if you are still not on Google+, it’s time to stratagem!