Google Ex-Boss Schmidt well-knownshows He Has an iPhone

Google Ex-Boss Schmidt Reveals He Has an iPhone
Tech industry titans Tim cook and Eric Schmidt took their battle for corporate domination to the heart of Europe on Tuesday looking for to win over new startups and IT fans.

In a unprecedented pass, Apple leader executive prepare dinner and his sour rival, Alphabet boss Schmidt regarded at the hole day of a seminar organised in Amsterdam for the week-long Startup Europe Fest – although they did not take the level collectively.

And Schmidt, leader government for Alphabet and previous Google boss, caused laughter whilst he revealed he had an iPhone – made through his rival – in his pocket in addition to a Samsung.

while an target audience show of hands discovered greater humans had an iPhone than an Android, Schmidt said mockingly: “so much for the Android monopoly in Europe.”

“The Samsung is higher, has a better battery. Are we clear?” he insisted. “And to those of you who are iPhone users, i am proper!”

on the top of the corporate global, Apple and Google are in a returned-and-forth conflict to be primary.

it is now not clean which of the 2 Silicon Valley giants will emerge on top in a competition which highlights the contrast of very exclusive enterprise models.

the two agencies have a digital duopoly at the smartphone market, but Apple makes its personal hardware and software whilst Google offers only the loose Android software for handsets, inclusive of many made with the aid of low-price producers.

“a part of our task is to seed the marketplace with ideas,” Schmidt stated, as the 2 guys lobbed a chain of jabs at each other’s agencies in their separate appearances.

‘Creativity, innovation’
He also advised more european marketers to take a chance and get at the back of startups, saying Google changed into hiring lots of Europeans each yr due to the fact that they had nowhere to go to on their domestic continent.

Apple turned into in the meantime on a challenge “to convey the app economy to locations in which it is neglected, because … we realize it hasn’t long gone anywhere yet and we need it to very plenty,” cook told the Amsterdam discussion board.

“there’s nothing like … unlocking the creativity and innovation of thousands and thousands of humans,” he stated.

He also defended Apple from accusations that it was operating a kind of “closed” policy on its app save.

There were now million apps on the Apple keep, “that does not sound too closed. We do curate … there may be sure things we don’t need to promote like pornography,” he brought.

“As Apple we have constantly felt that our role is to face at the intersection of era and the liberal arts, due to the fact that’s where the actual magic comes.”

The Netherlands is website hosting the week-long event as a part of meetings organised in the course of its six months on the helm of the ecu Union presidency.

“The element that has essentially modified from being the store-proprietor at the corner is that now you’re promoting your product to the world,” cook dinner introduced.