Google Pixel 2 to Feature Improved Camera, SoC; Budget Pixel Also in the Works: Report

Google Pixel 2 to Feature Improved Camera, SoC; Budget Pixel Also in the Works: Report

Google is reportedly working on its next-generation Pixel devices expected to be announced later this year. According to a new report, Google is again focusing on the camera on the Pixel 2 device and this year we may finally see an affordable Pixel smartphone from the company.

9to5google cites an unnamed person familiar with the matter to report that Google is also considering including the water resistance to its next Pixel smartphone. Though, the report adds that the feature is “still on the table” which indicates that the company is still considering and has not made its mind. Last year, Google confessed that the Pixel and Pixel XL were not water resistant as the company reportedly ran out of time.

The report says that the Pixel is being tested with improved processors from two manufacturers and will flaunt a higher price tag than the first Google Pixel devices. The Pixel 2 is being claimed to be tested with “some Snapdragon 83X chips, others with Intel chips.” The report citing sources claim that Google is testing the new Pixel phones for low-light photography. To recall, Google last year claimed that the Pixel phones sport the best smartphone camera and the company seems to be working to further improve the feature.

It’s worth noting that the new leak points to an early version of the alleged Pixel 2 and there might be alterations and other tweaks by the company when the devices are actually launched later this year.

The report further claims that Google is also testing a custom chipset for a test device. “Multiple test devices with different chipsets are being used now,” the report adds.

Google Pixel phones, the first self-branded smartphones by the company, have shown consistent performance in the overall market. Morgan Stanley recently predicted that Google sold 3 million Pixel smartphones by end of 2016 and thus generating $2 billion in revenue. Last year, an analytics firm during Black Friday Sales claimed that the Google Pixel was more popular than the iPhone 7 when it came to activations over the weekend. In India, the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have been available with great discounts through e-commerce websites.