Google Pixel Phone Users Complain of Audio Distortion Issues at High Volumes

Google Pixel Phone Users Complain of Audio Distortion Issues at High Volumes

Since their launch, Google’s Pixel smartphones have been able to win over many critics as well as consumers with their camera performance, clean user interface, and Google Assistant. However, they haven’t been without their share of problems. Now, some users are reporting a flaw on the smartphones that might not sit well with the search giant. Users are reportedly experiencing audio distortion issues with the Pixel phones when listening to media files at high volumes.

A Pixel user with user name ‘badmark’ complained on a Reddit thread that his fourth Pixel XL replacement as well as his wife’s standard Pixel phone have presented static distortion at three highest levels of volumes, as reported by 9to5Google. Further, other users have posted their similar problem and reported examples in company’s thread.

Some users have complained on the Google Product forum as well, and said that the audio issue is not dependent on the output source of the sound and presents itself even when the phone is connected to speakers. “At first I thought it was my headphones, so I put on my noise cancellation headphones and the same issue. Then I thought, ok maybe it’s a bad headphone jack so I paired my Jabra Sport headphones, same issue. Then I just played the music out of the speaker itself and it still happened,” a user posted on the forum.

In a response to the posts, Pixel community manager Orrin responded, “Thanks for continuing to report examples here. The team is aware and continuing to investigate. I’ll post an update as soon as there is some meaningful info for you all.”

As it seems like an issue that can be solved with a software update, it will be interesting to see how quickly the search giant responds to the issue and comes out with its solution.