Guaranteeing a Place to Have Letters and More Delivered

The old adage promises that mail carriers will keep to their appointed routes. However, that promise may not do you a lot of good when you are away more than you are at home.

The regular delivery of your mail only signals to the neighborhood that you are traveling and not there to pick up your packages and letters. You also are not there to keep unwanted people out of your house.

Rather than alert everyone who can see your house of your absence, you can instead have all of your postal deliveries sent to a third-party location. By leasing services for notary, forwarding, and incoming mailbox NYC residents like you can travel in peace knowing that your mail is being handled by discreet and responsible professionals.

Receiving and Forwarding of Mail

If you are a business professional, you may have letters and packages coming to you on a daily basis. The influx of communication and deliveries never seem to stop.

When you are away from your office and home, however, you cannot take care of these shipments. You need someplace to keep them until you get back.

The business can receive the shipments on your behalf during your absence. They will be kept safe and out of other people’s sights so that your privacy is protected at all times.

If you plan to be gone for more than a few days, you might prefer that the deliveries be forwarded to you. You may need to take care of them yourself rather than have them wait until you get back. The company can also forward the letters and packages to you either domestically or internationally.

Notary Services

As a busy professional, you may need to have access to notary services anytime even when you are traveling. If you are overseas, you may not know where to find a notary or even if one is available to you at your hotel. You also may not have time to visit the embassy in the country to which you have traveled.

The service can handle your notary services for you in your absence. You can make the arrangements and have your identity and signature verified before you depart.

Your mail keeps being delivered even if you are not at home. You can have letters and packages sent to a third-party recipient on your behalf.