Jack Elway Helps Those Recruited for College Football to Prepare for What’s to Come

If you have been recruited for college football, you may not know what to expect next. Jack Elway has always believed that he can help with this period of transition. Additionally, it is important to remember that you should feel a great sense of pride in having been recruited in the first place. All you have to do now, is make sure that your coaches continue to sign you.

Jack Elway Warns There Are no Guarantees

No matter how many coaches have phoned you and wrote to you, you are still not 100% guaranteed a spot on the roster or a scholarship. Usually, each roster spot attracts between five and 10 people, which means you are competing with as many as nine others. Ultimately, the one who is right for the program will get the spot.

Always Stay in Touch

According to Elway, it is vital that you stay in touch with the coach who contacted you. Make sure you share your accomplishments so that you not only keep your name fresh in their mind, but also that you show them just how special you really are. There is nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet every once in a while.

Stay Qualified

If you want to get recruited and actually get that spot, you need good grades. And you have to keep those grades up, because the NAIA and NCAA rules demand a certain GPA. Don’t let your grades slip because you got the spot, as you will be off the team very quickly again.

Film Your Actions

Ask your friends to record you playing. If the video is good, perhaps because you performed a particularly good skill, then post it online and leave it public. Doing so ensures talent scouts have a bigger chance of coming across you and getting interested in you. It also shows you’re up to date with modern technology.

Always Want More

Last but not least, it is important to always want more and stay hungry. Once coaches have expressed an interest, maybe even recruiting you, that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get signed. Rather, this means you are now under observation and they will make their final decision later. You need to show to them that you are still very much interested and want the position. But don’t be overconfident or arrogant, however.

Clearly, becoming a college football recruit is not the end, it is only the beginning. You need to see yourself as a product, promoting and marketing yourself at every stage, even after you start to receive offers. If nobody is recruiting you, then sell yourself directly to coaches by contacting them. This may feel scary, but they look for people who have the guts to do that. If you do decide to approach coaches directly, make sure that you include a resume that highlights all your athletic work, and that you also write a personal letter to sell yourself.