LG G6 to Reportedly Launch Soon, Do Away With Modular Design

LG G6 to Reportedly Launch Soon, Do Away With Modular Design

LG’s Chief Technologist Skott Ahn has reportedly said that the company will be moving away from the modular design seen on the G5 flagship with the launch of its upcoming LG G6 smartphone. Even though the company is expected to launch the smartphone at MWC 2017 next month, a spokesperson from the company has said that the company is considering a couple of other dates for the launch.

The South Korean company will be launching the successor to its G5 smartphone, named G6, “in the very near future,” Ahn told the Wall Street Journal in an interview on the side lines of CES on Wednesday. Even though the LG’s G5 smartphone was heavily criticised by users as well as critics for its poor implementation of modular design and its mobile segment has seen contraction in market share as well as quarterly sales, the company said it was committed to its smartphone division.

“Spinning off the smartphone division is not something we would consider,” Ahn was quoted as saying in the report. Another spokesman from the company said that with its upcoming G6 smartphone, the company will be responding to the customer feedback, as per the report. He further said that as the company struggled to convince users to purchase modular accessories,
this time around, LG is focussing on the aesthetics and usability of the phone.

The phone will reportedly be launched first for North America, Europe, and South Korea. It will only be made available online in China. Even though the pricing is expected to vary from region to region, the spokesperson from the company suggested that it might be priced between $500 (roughly Rs. 34,000) and $600 (roughly Rs. 40,800).