The Marketing & Branding Startup Which Has Been Profitable Since Day 1

Image result for The Marketing & Branding Startup Which Has Been Profitable Since Day 1Zamstars,  a startup which provides marketing, branding and sales solutions to various brands across various industry verticals namely real estate, chatbots- Artificial Intelligence, education sector, accreditation management etc has been profitable since day 1.

To help you start, run & expand and find out how they did it, we share the story of Zamstars:

Success Mantra

Our Mantra to success is (M+B+S) E=G, “Marketing, Branding and Sales working in cohesion with the power of execution drives business growth”. We engage with brands not only for growth but also providing them outcomes that can be measured in real-time.

We are in a business where there will NEVER be a situation devoid of opportunities, with the ever-growing digital era the possibilities are infinite. We are oriented on breaking stereotypes through delivering outcomes constantly and at the same time building platforms and systems that enable M.B.S automation to drive analytics to make outcomes more predictable and promising.

Founders’ Background

Sivaram Kuppachi: With 20 years of demonstrative skills in developing businesses in new markets, Sivaram is a leader who delivers solutions and executes priorities that are pivotal for the enterprise. His advisory roles as CIO/CFO/COO have helped in streamlining businesses and influencing them to choose the right collaboration of processes and technology.

Romi Chugh: Romi is a result oriented, marketer, starter with a broad range of planning, business creation and development skills. He has deep insights to strategy and concepts with demonstrated ability as a problem solver and go-getter. With an experience of 17 years, Romi is a result-oriented go-getter, with a broad range of planning, business creation and development skills that help companies grow.

Business Model

Since the Inception of Zamstars on November 22nd 2013, the only business model that was rigorously implemented was that of being “Outcome Driven”. The company generates its revenue with the services offered to the clients which range from deploying digital marketing tools to generate leads and sales to market research to marking social media presence to ATL/BTL activities to events, and the list continues. Whatever it takes for a brand to grow, we suggest the same to our clients and get them implemented.


The last financial year saw us clocking around USD 1/2 Million Top Line Revenue. We have set a target of USD 1 Million for this financial year 2017-18.


We take pride in leveraging Behaviour and Execution as our way forward to organisational growth. The optimum utilisation of these two levers is our thrust forward to achieving outcomes. The passion to drive outcomes and the zeal to achieve more is established at every function and every role.

We focus on passionate execution and tracking outcomes based on metrics. While most agencies only promise to deliver, we deliver the promises made while we bring clients on-board. The performance of the brand and our passion is monitored on a daily basis using tools that were conceptualised in-house like Zamalytics, ZamMP and S3.

Zamalytics: A comprehensive, one sign-in, digital media dashboard that lets you monitor your brand across channels to understand competition and trends; while also being able to predict and suggest necessary improvements. Read more:

ZamMP: A powerful media planner that lets you plan your media budget wisely across online and offline marketing and branding activities. Plan your activities and budget with an understanding of standard market rates. Read more: S3: An in-house CRM tool, conceptualized and developed to meet the current sales and market research requirements. The carefully coded tool helps businesses understand the Consumer Behaviour Quotients (CBQ) and Enterprise Business Quotients (EBQ). Read more:


The vision was to “Help Companies Grow” through the leverage of behaviour and execution as our key outcome drivers. Our growth strategy involves supporting a company thoroughly and in some cases owning their Marketing, Branding and Sales functions to strategize, stabilize and sustain their organisational growth. We are privileged to be serving about 50 brands in the last 40 months and take high humility to be associated with every brand we have served.

The Indian Economy being a Demand Driven one, we actively involved in identification and collaborating with International Brands to position themselves and adapt themselves to the Indian Market for a sustained growth.


With a clientele of over 50, our collaborations range from Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT, Technology, Education, Retail and Fashion to name a few. We have also been involved with Next Gen Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and Internet of Things to name a few.

We believe Real Estate to be one of our forte. We have worked prominent international and national builders and have helped them with about 16% conversion rates (from leads to site visits).


The business challenge is to ensure and maintain the spirit of Human Capital Assets to be Extremely Outcome Driven. The constant effort to maintain this is what makes brands to surely love the experience of working with us.

Road ahead

Opportunities and possibilities are infinite, Zamstars as an organisation would like to spread its wings across India and step into markets outside such as Japan, UK and US. The future is cemented with the aspirations of automating MBS by developing in-house solutions to

The future is cemented with the aspirations of automating MBS by developing in-house solutions to analyse and optimize the core functions of an organisation Marketing, Branding and Sales.