Microsoft’s Prototype phone Case Doubles Up as an E-Ink display

Microsoft's Prototype Smartphone Case Doubles Up as an E-Ink Display
generation large Microsoft and Austrian researchers have developed FlexCase – a prototype cellphone case that acts as a secondary e-ink display.

Microsoft research and the university of carried out Sciences top Austria created the device which could act as an prolonged touchscreen to mobile devices and might energy the tool, Tech instances said.

The telephone case prototype can be flexed, tapped and twisted to govern the primary display.

The FlexCase works similar to YotaPhone – the arena’s first cellphone that had two monitors launched in 2013. It had an e-ink show on the back and a regular lcd front screen.

FlexCase lets in users to interact with their smartphone in many methods. Its cover can be used as an prolonged visible clipboard that makes searching and typing easier.

by in reality bending the cover ahead or backward, users can without problems flip pages, zoom inside and out, navigate pages and even rotate maps.
normal motions can generate enough strength to be converted to strength.

The piezoelectric impact (push or pull) can be of use within more than one packages, inclusive of digital frequency generation, detection and production of sound.

The equal principle is carried out on the FlexCase prototype that makes use of piezoelectricity current to electricity the device.

via permitting users to stretch, compress, flex, tap and twist the duvet, the suitable quantity of electricity is being applied that generates an electrical fee to operate the device.

The FlexCase is scheduled to be provided at the “computer-Human interplay conference” in may also in California.