Are you the one with the ‘mother complex’ in the group?


Are you the mommy of the group?
Are you the mommy of the group?
If you are the one who fixes everything in your group of friends, chances are that you are often referred to as the “mommy” of the circle. Take this quiz to find out if you fit the bill…

1. Do you ask your friends to drop a message once they reach home?
a. What? I’m the one dropping them till their room. Well, almost.
b. I ask them to text me once they reach home.
c. At times. They can very well take care of themselves.

2. Your friends have come to your place for a stayover. What’s the scenario like?
a. My place is tidy. The refrigerator’s stuffed with goodies. The bedspreads are in place. Board games? In the centre rack.
b. My place, with BYOS (Buy your own stuff). Everyone chips in. Yes, the bed is yours, but we share it.
c. Drinks and dinner at a lounge. Crash at my place, maybe?

3. Your friend has just broken up. How do you console them?
a. Everyone comes up to me for advice. I offer them the support, time and space they need. Been there, done that, plenty of times.
b. I hear them out and try my best to fix the situation by taking them out to their favourite spots and doing everything that can help them cheer up.
c. Why sit and sulk? Move on, man. They’ll be fine.

4. It’s your best friend’s birthday. How are you preparing for it?
a. Homemade cake? Check. Greeting card? Check. Decorations? Check. Their gifts? Check, again.
b. She’s fond of accessories. I’ve got my hands on the best of it.
c. I’ll treat her one of these days. What if she doesn’t like or need the gift I purchase?

5. You’ll are heading for a trip. What are the supplies like?
a. I planned the trip. How can I not have it all? From food to candies and anti-allergics, tissues, an extra pair of socks, ready-to-eat mixes… what’s missing? Earring screws, anybody?
b. I’m set with everything I need to survive for the trip. I can take care of a plus one.
c. Hey, I woke up early to make it to the station in time. Why do you need anything more?

6. Your friend is driving without a seat belt. How do you react?
a. There’s no way they can ever do that. After all, I was the one to buckle it up…
b. It’s okay. I will ask them to put on their seat belts if they’ve not done so already. Besides, as long as they don’t speed, it’s all good.

c. Oh, I never made a note of it. Until the car alarm went off.


Mostly As: Congrats, you’re the Monica Geller of your group. You’re the one tidying your friends’ rooms when you visit them, stitching their torn shirt, helping them prepare for their interviews, and looking after them post a party. You’re your friends’ go-to person and they need your opinion on almost everything. You’re the nurturer and your message box on Mother’s Day is inundated with wishes. But be careful; you may often end up overdoing things.

Mostly Bs: You’re the chilled out one. While you care for your friends, you also know when to give them space, thereby knowing where to draw the line. You’re thoughtful, yet not over-the-top; with no hang-ups, you are most-sought after because of the same reason.

Mostly Cs:
It’s indeed a blessing if you manage taking care of yourself. You’re carefree and don’t take things seriously. Your friends don’t wish to discuss matters that need some serious advice. Often, you’re the one the mommy of the group needs to look after. But it’s not like you don’t care for your friends; rather, you are of the belief that things take their own course.