PlayStation Communities App Launched for Android and iOS

PlayStation Communities App Launched for Android and iOS
Sony has launched a new PlayStation Communities app for Android and iOS, which is meant to help PS4 owners keep in touch with people of “similar interests and preferences” when they are not in front of their console.

“Within a Community, you can join parties and launch into games with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests,” Sony said in its announcement. “For instance, if you’re having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny’s newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam.”

Sony added that you can also discover new communities in the app itself, which even “provides recommendations based on the games you’ve played and highlights which communities are trending”.

This isn’t the first-time Sony has launched a standalone app for a singular purpose. In December last year, the company branched off the messaging feature into its own app – PlayStation Messages. Sony had then claimed it was doing so because messages was the PlayStation App’s most used feature, but at the same time, it also served to improve the existing app’s sluggish nature by spinning one portion into its own venture.
With Communities, Sony seems to be continuing that approach and ensure the main PlayStation app doesn’t get bogged down. This is in complete contrast to Microsoft’s approach with its Xbox app, which houses everything under one roof.
Head over to the Play Store or the App Store to get the PlayStation Communities app.