Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished Units to Reportedly Be Sold in Emerging Markets

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished Units to Reportedly Be Sold in Emerging Markets


After unsuccessful attempts at finding the flaw in its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung officially announced a recall of all the units from markets worldwide. The company has been using different tactics to encourage users to turn their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units in, the latest one being continuous prompts through a software update. However, a new report claims that the company will look to bring some of these recalled units back into the market.

According to The Investor, Samsung is considering selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices next year. All the smartphones that did not explode will be sold in emerging markets like India and Vietnam, the report says citing an anonymous ‘industry source’.
“Samsung has not made a final decision yet, but it will likely sell the refurbished [Galaxy] Note 7 units next year,” the source told the publication. Samsung has been unable to find the fault that causes these explosions, and because its engineers were focused on this controversy, next year’s Galaxy S8 work was also stalled.

There were rumours that Samsung would kill its Galaxy Note series altogether, but the company doused all the speculations by launching an option to opt for next year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, in exchange of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 ahead of MWC – with the rumoured date said to be February 26).

Samsung is expected to make some big changes in its ‘S’ series flagship next year, in a bid to get back its lost goodwill. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to sport a pressure sensitive bezel-less OLED display, a 6GB of RAM, sport two screen sizes, and pack the company’s own Exynos 8895 SoC.