Samsung Ties Up With Imint for Video Stabilisation and Other Camera Features

Samsung Ties Up With Imint for Video Stabilisation and Other Camera Features

Samsung has tied up with Sweden-based software company, Imint, for a new product. Under the development agreement with Samsung Electronics, Imint will reportedly make tweaks on its Vidhance software product for use by Samsung.

Imint’s Vidhance offers a well-thought-out set of functions for the camera including Video Stabilisation, Live Auto Zoom, and Auto Curate. A Reuters press note on the announcement says, “The agreement involves an adaptation of Imint’s software Vidhance to a new product that is not a smartphone.”

According to Imint, the product is scheduled to be launched in spring of 2017 and the agreement also provides Samsung a limited license rights to the newly developed software. “The project is divided into phases and the customer has the right to put the project into hold before each phase,” adds the press note.
Under Imint’s Vidhance product, there are three main features including Video Stabilisation that basically helps to make a video stable thus removing the wobble. The feature will come handy while shooting a video from smartphone as how stable you hold your smartphone your video still wobbles. Vidhance’s Live Auto Zoom helps in smoothly recording videos with zoom. Users will need to choose a target and the Vidhance Live Auto Zoom will automatically do the rest. Lastly, Auto Curate will let editing long video sequences on smartphone itself.

It’s been noted however that similar video stabilisation features have been used on the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 which was launched last year.

Commenting on the agreement, Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO, Imint said, “We are very proud to get this confidence from one of the world’s leading companies in consumer electronics. Although the value of the order is not significant, so it gives us a chance to show our capabilities both in terms of the potential of technology and the way we handle customer projects.”