Setting the right example


Teach your children well and show them the way… But, it’s always easier said than done. Bringing up a child in the way he or she should is not an easy thing to do. No matter how much you do or what you do for them, there will always be room for complaint. However, one thing for certain is that parents are the first role models in a child’s life.

No matter which school or institute you send your children to, home is the best learning place. So it becomes a huge responsibility and a big challenge to remain vigilant while speaking or behaving in front of your kids. Teaching good habits is an important part of this endeavour.

But setting good examples is the best. So go ahead and be the best teacher.

  • Care for your child: Shower your child with a lot of love and care. Show them all the loving ways. Give them a good amount of attention and do little things for them to show how much you care for them. And he or she will grow up to be a loving and caring person. Time and the circumstances around may affect a child as he or she grows up. But all that love will remain deep within and will always be a part of him or her.
  •  Practice what you preach: Actions always speak louder than words. Whatever changes you want to bring in your kid, start with yourself. Children always learn more by seeing live examples than teachings and readings. Avoid bad habits yourself. Show respect to your spouse and other family members. Children are innocent. They often follow your style and feel their parents are never wrong. This faith starts shaping their lives early.
  • Teach your children well: Teach them to say thank and sorry, and how to pray. Teach them good moral values such as sense of love for young ones, respect for elders, discipline, cooperation, kindness and sacrifice for others. Make them spend some quality time with family members and grandparents. Encourage them to go out and play with other children.
  • Make your child nature friendly: Children are very sensitive to their surroundings. Nature can touch and inspire your child. They can attain qualities like calmness, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and sacrifice by being closer to nature. So, expose them to natural environment early. You can take your child for a nature walk on weekends and to a beach or a zoo during vacations.
  • Teach them basic hygiene: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Make your child hygiene conscious and teach them the meaning of cleanliness. Educate them with small hygiene tips such as brushing teeth twice a day, having bath every day and wearing clean washed clothes, washing hands before and after every meal, et al.
  • Make your child health aware: A healthy child can face the challenges of life better. Inculcate the habit of exercising in your child. A fixed schedule of structured exercise seems boring to kids. So take them for cycling, playing outdoor games or swimming. Also make them acquainted with healthy and nutritious food. Keep them away from junk food. The food you eat has a direct impact on your thought process and approach.
  • Help your child develop hobbies: Never impose your interests on your child. Let your child decide his own field of interest besides studies. It should be a stress buster for him rather than a saddle. This leisure time activity plays a significant role in a child’s growth.
  • Develop reading habit: It is one of the best habits a child can develop. The more he reads, the more confidence he possesses. Steady reading habits will help your child’s development. After all, they say, reading makes a man. Today’s generation is tomorrow’s future. Make your children learn to live each day in the best way to the fullest with the good values of life.