Shield your body from monsoon woes

monsoon, health

The much awaited rains have arrived but they have brought along with them infections and illnesses. Hospitals report increased cases of itching, rashes, skin infection, throat infection, stomach infection, bloating and other ailments. Temperature fluctuation, pollution, water contamination, wrong food and lifestyle habits contribute to diseases in this weather. The worse thing is that during this season intestinal functions, immune system and digestive system become weak resulting in low metabolism and increased fat storage.

Few tips to stay fit in rainy months:

Maintain good personal hygiene to keep ailments at bay. Take bath twice a day with hot or lukewarm water. Massage your body with sesame oil thrice a week before having hot water bath. Wash your hands more frequently. Avoid walking through puddles of water. Stay away from mosquito infested areas. Use mosquito repellents at home and office. Wear cotton clothes. All these precautions may prevent skin-related problems and other body disorders.

Keep your body well hydrated. Although you might feel less thirsty, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Increase your fluid intake in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable juices without adding extra sugar. Have lemon water with honey daily to boost your metabolic rate and immunity naturally.

Say a big no to street food, junk food, fried food, too much salty or spicy food and aerated drinks. Make smart food and drink choices. Incorporate green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, fibre rich foods like whole grains, oats, seeds like sunflower seeds, fenugreek seeds, flex seeds, chia seeds, beans, nuts, dry fruits and healthy spices like turmeric in your daily diet. Opt for home-cooked light food prepared with all hygiene and minimum oil. Use olive oil instead of heavy oils like sesame oil. These healthy food options may prevent stomach and intestinal disorders and build immunity powerfully.

Quit smoking. It may trigger symptoms of asthma and many more allergies. Maintain good distance from the people who are smoking in front of you. Quit the bad habit of drinking alcoholic drinks.

Do regular exercise and yoga to strengthen your immune system and feel energetic with vigour the whole day.

Get sound sleep for eight hours every day to revive your body and enable it to function properly.

Stay cool and calm. Don’t drag yourself towards negativity, depression, stress or tension. Every problem arises with a solution. Deal with it in a positive manner.

Don’t let rains to create chaos. Protect your body with these easy tips. Stay healthy in the wet season. Enjoy monsoon fun activities with full bang. Happy monsoon!