Smartphones, the gadgets of choice for Gen Z

Smartphones seem to be the gadget of choice for the youth of today, according to the Tata Consultancy Services’ Gen Z survey, which was done among 12,000 students in the 12-18 age group.

Both boys and girls consider it the most important gadget. With an average of 67%, laptops and desktops come next.

The order of preference doesn’t change until the list reaches gaming consoles and e-book readers. According to the survey 33% of the boys consider gaming consoles as important compared to just 15% of the girls who have that view. On the other hand, 39% of the girls consider e-book readers as important – the comparative percentage for boys is just 23.

Just 9% of the boys and 12% of the girls, however, state that they would like to get their hands on an e-book reader in the coming year.

Activity trackers such as fitness bands are equally liked by the young students irrespective of gender. However, fitness bands too do not figure in their wish list for the next year.

Just below two-thirds of those survyed access the Internet through 3G or 4G-enabled smartphones. Wi-Fi at home is an important source too.