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Ibuprofen overuse could cause men’s testicles to shrink, according to study

It’s tempting to reach for painkillers when you’ve got a pounding headache, but new research suggests that overusing ibuprofen could be affecting men’s fertility… By causing their testicles to shrink. The small study, made up of just 31 male participants aged 18 to 35 years old, showed that taking ibuprofen increased the risk of compensated hypogonadism– a hormone imbalance whereby an individual has higher ... Read More »

Twitter actions to shrink Nastiness at Periscope

Twitter on Tuesday moved to further stifle abusive commentary at its stay video streaming utility Periscope. a brand new device brought by using the one-to-many messaging carrier lets human beings viewing Periscope declares quickly document what they experience are inappropriate comments. Small companies of randomly selected visitors will then be polled, with votes determining whether they agree that comments are ... Read More »