Unplugged Parenting – the smart new way to have a family digital detox


Do you feel concerned about the amount of time your children spend online?  Do you find technology causes friction as you wrench their screens off them at the dinner table and bedtime?

Rare is the parent who will answer no to either of those questions. But then ask yourself this. Do you also endlessly check your own smartphone. How often do you iParent and deploy tablets as babysitters, to keep your digital darlings quiet when you need to get on with things?

It’s hands up to every one of these things from me, and I know many other parents who are struggling to find balance in this era of hyper-connectedness.

Teenagers are isolating themselves away from the family
Teenagers are isolating themselves away from the family CREDIT: SWNS/SWNS

We are the first generation of parents who are encountering this as a problem and, until now, there has been no blueprint as to what we should and shouldn’t be doing. But that is set to change with Unplugged Parenting, a hard-hitting new book by leading clinical psychologist Elizabeth…