3 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a Disaster | Exact Recon

In these uncertain times, disaster could strike in a number of different ways. War could happen or the economy could collapse. Or there might be an EMP attack, where an atomic bomb is detonated in the atmosphere wiping out all electrical devices for miles.

If worrying about such events keeps you up at night, taking precautions now could ease your stress and help you and your loved ones survive whatever disaster might strike. Here are some tips for helping you be prepared.

1. Buy a Weapon

You’ll likely never have to use it, but having some form of protection on hand will keep you safe and provide you with peace of mind. Look for a handgun you can hold comfortably in your hand. Store it in a gun safe to ensure it isn’t stolen or falls into the wrong hands. Also, make sure you have plenty of the right ammunition for your weapon. You can find it online by clicking ammo for sale.

2. Store Water

Having clean drinking water available is more crucial than even food. The human body can go for weeks without food but only three days without water. Store at least five gallons of water per family member in your home. The more water you have stored, the better. Invest in a good gravity water filtration system so you can drink pond water if needed.

3. Store Bulk Food

You also need to have sufficient food on hand to last you for at least a couple of months. Any time there is a sale at your grocery store, stock up on canned goods and other storable items. You want food that you and your family enjoy eating. When you’ve got a four to six-month supply saved up, start rotating your food, eating the older items first, and saving the newer items for later.

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