21 Must-Read Marketing Articles for Every Stage of Business Growth

Marketing connects customers with products. Despite that simple explanation, marketing can feel pretty complicated. To the internet you go. But soon you’ll find another problem—there’s a whole lot of advice out there, and not all of it accurate. The ability to filter signal from noise is now more important than access to information. You need to build your own curriculum ... Read More »

Working with HTML in Blogger’s new (2020) Post-editor

HTML and Blogger Blogger introduced many changes in 2020 – read more about the background here. HTML is the type of computer-code which is used “behind the scenes” in Blogger posts.   Most people don’t want to write in code, so Blogger has a “Compose view” that lets us edit posts without having to worry about code.   But there are times when ... Read More »

Housing Prices Continue to Soar in Many Countries Around the World

While most economic indicators deteriorated last year, house prices largely shrugged off the effects of the pandemic. Of the over 60 countries that enter into the IMF’s Global House Price Index, three-quarters saw increases in house prices during 2020, and this trend has largely continued in countries with more recent data. IMF research indicates that low interest rates contributed to the boom in house ... Read More »

5 Effective Tips to Write Small Business Marketing Blogs

Small businesses have sprung up and will continue to increase in number as the world sees more startups, entrepreneurs and business ideas. In order to earn huge profits they require multi-pronged marketing strategies and business marketing blog is one of them. It is nothing but a technique or methods that allow people to know about their company and brand. Do you ... Read More »

Top Benefits of Blog Marketing to Increase Your Website Traffic & Business

Blog Marketing can be the best tool that can give you maximum results with much lesser budget and it’s the best option for Mid & Small Scale Industries. Through your blog you can easily reach to your target audience and make them aware of your brand. It’s the most budget friendly way to promote your business to online users and ... Read More »

How to Deal with Difficult Parents – 20 Strategies

Being a teacher is not always easy. The role is not just limited to knowing the curriculum and teaching students. There will be situations when they will have to handle the problems of others. Most of the parents are very protective when it comes to their kids and they easily feel offended when someone raises finger at them. Not all ... Read More »

We are on a holiday, Fraudsters are Not!

The festive season is the time of excitement and adrenalin, entertainment and celebrations, gifting shopping and gifting et al, it is also the time when we become less mindful of how much and how we spend our monies. Remember, as the transaction count and sources go up, so does the risk of fraud. In the festival season, online frauds are ... Read More »

Life insurance is confusing—here’s everything millennials need to know

The last thing you want to think about in your twenties (er, anytime?) is your own death. It’s difficult enough to juggle brunch plans, your love life and your micromanaging boss, let alone plan for what could happen to you decades from now. But life comes at you fast — and suddenly you’re 35, living with your partner and two ... Read More »

Real Estate Loan Options For You

Real estate investing is that one area where you can buy off market property and turn the investment into a sizable income for yourself and investors. If you are new to investing and wonder where you can find the funding you need to buy property, then here are some great sources that you may want to consider taking a look at closely ... Read More »

Ideas to Have Control Over Money

If someone knows how to control their finance and money, life will become much more comfortable. Spending the money affects credit scores and puts debt on a person. Sometimes you are in a difficult financial position surrounded by lots of debts earning a little amount of money. This makes you unable to live a standard or desired life. If you ... Read More »