When you’re an employer who runs a company, it’s important to hire people who will be productive. If they work when they feel like it, come in late or skip work altogether, you’re going to have a tough time maintaining a successful business. While it’s important to hire employees who are dedicated and disciplined, it’s good to consider their needs as well. One of the ways you can do that involves being intentional about the decor. When the office looks a certain way, it can be refreshing to come to work in a beautiful space. Start with these tips in order to create a beautiful workspace that inspires productivity.

1. Bright, Clean Colors
Bright colors like cream, white and yellow are good for boosting a person’s mood and will create a space that looks happy. Try to avoid dark, boring colors that are typical in an office space. Liven the atmosphere up.

2. Lots of Natural Light
Natural light is inspiring. It can really help a person get their creative juices flowing for the day. Most people don’t like to sit underneath the drab fluorescent lighting to work for eight hours. Find ways to create window treatments that allow as much light in as possible.

3. Comfortable Furniture
If your employees are extremely uncomfortable in their chairs, you’re asking for a lot of trouble. If everyone spends most of their time seated during the workday, make sure to get comfortable seating. You can easily purchase wholesale computer chairs for the entire company when you list it as a line item in the budget.

4. Office Accessories
Think about the ways you can decorate the wall. A functional accessory to consider is a whiteboard or a glass board. Once you fasten these boards to the wall, the employees can use dry erase markers to write meeting notes or leave messages for other employees in the office. For a vintage look, you can install a blackboard. Framed artwork is always a great option. Get a few custom decals and stick them to the wall. Find quotes about success and productivity. Get them printed and find ways to incorporate them into the decor. The quotes can serve as inspirational reminders.

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