Browsers Dog Beds – Keeping Your Pooch Protected This Winter

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When the nights draw in and the temperature drops, it is important that we all take measures to keep ourselves warm and protected from the elements. Our dogs are no different and as the winter is fast approaching, now is the time that we all need to be taking a look at how our dogs will cope during the winter period.

We got together with the guys at Browsers dog beds to bring you a quick checklist for what you should be doing in order to best care for your dog in the coming months.

Wrapping Them Up

Just because a dog has a thick coat of fur does not mean that they don’t need an extra layer to keep them toasty when you go out. In fact, such is the level of heat that dogs can naturally produce, adding another layer on top, will ensure that your dog becomes insulated and that the heat which they produce, can be circulated back round to maintain their core body temperature.

Food Changes

During the winter months it is really important that you up the amount of fat and protein which your dog is eating. The extra fat which your dog will ingest will be stored and used to keep the dog warm during the winter. In terms of the additional protein which you will be giving your dog, this will really help their coat to grow faster and also ensure that it is thicker, also keeping your dog nice and warm during the cold months.

Clean Paws

During these months, there is a great many chemicals and substances on the ground which wouldn’t normally be there and if you don’t clean the dog’s paws, they could easily ingest them. Salt, antifreeze, grit and de-icer can all be found on the ground in winter and if a dog picks them up, they will then ingest them as they clean their paws with their tongue. A simple wipe of your dog’s paws is all that you need to do after you have taken them outside.


As much as your dog may love nothing more than running around outside, it is very important that during this time of year, you endeavor to keep them inside as much as possible. Try to minimize your dog’s outdoor time to bathroom trips and short walks as once they are outside they will be breathing in the cold air which will not do them any good at all. Try to play with your dog in the back yard or even indoors if possible so that they can still expel the energy that they need to, without suffering from the cold as a consequence.

Finally, make sure that if you have heaters in the home, that you put them in a safe place where the dog cannot burn themselves. Each winter there are many dogs that are treated for burns because they were too inquisitive when it came to heaters, don’t let your dog be one of them.