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With new companies emerging nationwide everyday, print marketing has never been more crucial to commercial success. But how do brands set their marketing materials apart from that of their competitors? One way is through Scodix. Digitally-enhanced to offer an attractive, raised ink effect; Scodix effortlesslyboosts overall clarity and quality — which makes it an enticingoption for clients of printing companies across the UK.

Being clued up on the benefits of Scodixand how to sell them is essential if you work in or run a print service.That’s why leading printing company, Where the Trade Buys, has researched how you can boost earnings by effectively promoting Scodix to your clients.

Main Scodix advantages

Before you start ploughing time, effort and resources into promoting Scodix, you need to know exactly why it’ll benefit your profit margin.

Due to the level of emerging brands and businesses, it’s crucial that marketing products are as effective as possible. Many of your clients are possibly already thinking about how they can make their print material more clear, professional and appealing to give them an edge over their competitors. Recently in the UK, we’ve experienceda rise in the number of independent print products. Many of these depict a brand and message that must be clearly communicated — and excellent clarity is a key feature of the Scodix finish. With recent studies showing that people are more likely to pick up and examine print that has a raised finish, Scodix’s chances of ensuring a successful product that advertises clearly and is well-received seem high.

What’s more, the credibility of abrand is also likely to be increased with the implementation of Scodix. Professionalism is reflected in the way that packaging and publicity materials are created, which means selecting the best substrates and finishes, such as Scodix.

This finish is already rocketing in use and popularity industrywide — most notably in August, when Scodix Ultra Pro Foil, which is a subsidiary of the Scodix finish, received the 2017 InterTech Technology Award. So, try not to get left behind. This stunning finish is ideal for delivering a stand-out product that diversifies a brandfrom its competitors while raising profit margins.

Tips for promoting Scodix to your clients

Knowing the benefits of Scodix and telling these to your peers and clients is one thing, but encouraging them to put money down for it is another.

Using upsell strategies

Selling Scodix to completely new clients might be difficult, particular if they don’t have a large budget. Typically, securing a sale of Scodix will be far easier if you target existing customers, so upselling is a fantastic base to launch your Scodix strategy. Select some of the clients you’ve had for a long time, or ones you have an especially good relationship with, and propose Scodix when renegotiating their contracts. Tell them how it can boost their marketing strategies by providing a higher-quality finish, and show them evidence of Scodix’s success across the print industry.

Detailing its potential

Scodix is a premium finish and you need to make sure that you sell this feature effectively when promoting it to your customers — don’t play down the potential that premium products provide. Working out the manufacturer’s cost and gauging the perceived value of it for a client is essential to making a profit with Scodix. Look at Apple’s business model, for example, which focuses on making profits in the laptop sector by applying a high mark-up to premium products.

Show your clients why they need Scodix

Print marketing is all about quality finishes and textures, and nothing sells these like a tangible sample. Next time you have a business meeting with your clients, takeScodix samples to help when you’re talking about how it can enhance and add value to standard printing. You could even create sample packs for them so that they have something to take away to keep Scodix on their minds.

Marketing Scodix using your company’s marketing channels

Although Scodix is well-known and highly rated in the industry, many of your clients might not know about, or fully understand, its advantages. So, spread awareness and get potential clients considering the service by promoting Scodix via blog posts, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and even your e-mail signature.

Personalise your Scodix sell

Finally, if you still haven’t closed the sale, try to customise your Scodixpitch to each brand. Analyse your client’sartwork and tell them how it can look better with the raised, textured finish of Scodix. Then, show them the various marketing products that could benefit from the enhancement of Scodix, such as:

If you’re serious about securing a Scodix sale, take it to the next level and show your clients exactly how this incredible finish could look when used with their branding and materials — print extra copies of theircurrent work with theScodixfinish for free! This lets you show real examples of Scodix working with their artwork, which could significantly raise the chances of them considering Scodix for their next print run.

As you know, staying one step ahead is crucial in an industry with such a strong link to emerging technologies. Keep up to date with Scodix and maximise its potential to improve your business’ profits.

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