Your small business is growing, and you can no longer do everything alone. Hiring an employee will help you take the next steps with less stress, but you need to hire the right person for your business. Start by creating detailed job ads that will attract qualified candidates, and then implement these three tips to ensure that you’re ready to welcome the new addition to your team.

1. Take out a worker’s compensation policy.

Worker’s compensation protects your business if your employee suffers an injury on the job. You may think that there’s little to no risk for injury for your new employee, but you never know when someone will slip down the steps or hurt their back while moving a box of copy paper. Unexpected things can happen even in the safest office environment, such as a chair breaking or a heavy book falling from an overhead shelf.

2. Take advantage of employment and education verification services.

A job candidate may look qualified on paper, but you won’t know that their employment and education history is legit until it’s verified. This would take someone without verification resources and experience a lot of time, but it’s an easy job for education verification services like Credential Check. This is an essential step to make sure that your first employee is the right employee.

3. Write an employee manual.

You don’t need a 100-page manual, but you do need something that will quickly orient your employee to how your business works. Make sure to include job descriptions for each member of your team and information regarding breaks, reviews, promotions, phone etiquette and any rules that you must enforce to keep your workplace running efficiently.

While it takes time to utilize education verification services and create an employee manual, these steps will prevent some common problems that arise after a new employee is hired. Use these three tips to make your transition to employer status smooth and easy.

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