When it comes to machinery, the right lubrication can mean the difference between operating at peak efficiency or experiencing frequent and random work stoppages. MagLube understands the frustrations that the latter situation can create, so they pride themselves on being able to provide premium quality lubricants.
What may be even more surprising is that these products are also environmentally friendly. This may be especially important if you belong to an organization that has embraced the green manufacturing movement. If you’re looking for suppliers who take environmentalism as seriously as your own company, look no further. Additionally, MagLube pledges that their products require no special handling, since they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
While protecting the environment is a prime concern, productivity is equally important and MagLube knows every company must report on expenses in an Equipment Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) report. That means you’ll be looking for products that can boost efficiency, while keeping operating costs low. MagLube offers a system of micro-lubrication that allows you to keep your machines purring along without wasting excess lubricants. With this system, the lubricant is delivered in precise measurements to the areas of the machine in need. This significantly reduces the downtown normally required for repairs and for preventative maintenance.
The system is available to any company interested in upgrading. If you’re concerned about the added cost of installing the new system, you can assure your purchasing department that the system will pay for itself. Because there’s less waste and less downtime, the system provides greater efficiency almost immediately. In fact, many customers report that they have seen a 100% return on their investment in just a few months.
MagLube is more than just a supplier of green lubricants. They’re also a lubrication systems company, offering a unique take on how machines are lubricated. By combining green lubricants with their micro-lubrication system, MagLube can boost your company’s efficiency and help you comply with your organization’s eco-friendly policies. To learn more about MagLube and their products, contact a team member today. One of their customer service representatives will be happy to explain more about their products and their lubrication system, so you can make an informed decision about the future efficiency of your company.

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