Why Your Mattress Is Vital For Your Sound Sleep?

If you look at today’s corporate work culture people seem to be suffering from stress, strain and body pain more than they used to in the last decade. The overload of work is not only taking a toll on people’s body but sitting in the same position for hours is also contributing to body pain that further make things worse. Beside this the stress that is generated from hectic deadlines, multi tasking and continuous brainstorming has made people insomniac.

The worst thing is that people are becoming machines and they can’t really do much to change their lifestyle. The only way to tackle all these problem is by having a sound sleep. Human body is such that it cannot compromise with body clock cycle. Our body has its limitations and pre defined processes that make it work efficiently. Anything that disturbs this cycle results in consequences that disturb the complete momentum of the body.

So coming to the point that why sound sleep is necessary? Comparative studies conducted on people who gets sound sleep and people who don’t have concluded that people with sound sleep are relatively more active, feel more refreshed, feels happy and wakes up early in the morning while people who don’t get sound sleep feels heavy mindedness, tired, irritated and off mood. Also the primary reason that was found to be the prime suspect in disturbed sleep was mattress. Yes you read it right, the mattress is mostly responsible for a sound sleep as well as disturbed sleep.

So what makes a mattress so important for a sound sleep?

When you sleep your mind stays sub-conscious but the body prepares itself for the next day’s work by relaxing muscles, repairing tissues, restoring energy, releasing hormones especially the growth hormones and a lot of other processes. But if the sleep is interrupted and in most cases it is because of uncomfortable mattresses then it disturbs the whole body cycle. This is the reason that people who did not sleep sound in the night feels tired when they wake up in the morning.

Mattress is important because it is the thing which contours around your body to provide sublime support and wonderful comfort to help you get a sound sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. You cannot just lie down on anything and expect a good sleep. Only the best mattresses like the latex mattress have the quality that can provide you the exact body positioning that is required for a good sleep.

Latex mattresses are known for their anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties that not only protect you from harmful bacteria that can give you fever and allergies but are also naturally made and hence save you from harmful chemicals which are used to manufacture foam mattresses. Latex mattresses are made by two processes namely Talalay and Dunlop process. Mattresses made with these two processes have superior component quality than other mattresses available in the market and additionally they are more durable and can last very long.