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Almost everyone has to face the challenges of caring for an elderly parent sooner or later. As they age, they may face certain issues that make it more difficult for them to live independently, yet they may not be ready for a full time nursing facility. This is when you have to weigh your options and decide with them what the best plan will be for making sure they are safe and happy.

In Home Care

Many people are reluctant to leave their home as they age. Unfortunately, it may be getting hard for them to handle daily tasks. If your parent is facing this dilemma,you might be able to allow them the opportunity to remain at home longer with a little outside help. The residential cleaning bethesda md residents can take advantage of includes eco-friendly businesses like Lily’s Cleaning Service that can take care of household chores. Organizations like Meal on Wheels can arrange to deliver food, and you can have a nurse stop by daily to make sure your parent is doing well.

Assisted Living Facilities

Unlike a full time nursing facility, assisted living communities feel like home. Residents have their own apartments where they can maintain a sense of privacy, but they still have a medical staff and nurses close by. The staff is able to help with simple chores and laundry as well as provide meals. Depending on the level of care your loved one requires, they can also receive help with dressing, grooming, and taking their medications. Many residents enjoy making friends and taking part in organized activities too.

Caring for your aging parent all by yourself can be stressful. Whether you decide on in-home care or an assisted living facility, you will be able to relax while knowiing that your loved one is safe and happy. Both options allow for your relationship to continue on as it always has been without them feeling like a bother to you and you feeling overwhelmed.

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