Safari Web Browser Crashing For Many - Here's How to Fix It

If Safari Web browser is crashing on your iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh computer, you’re certainly not alone. A bug in Safari is affecting several people worldwide, either by slowing down the Web browser or completely crashing it.

Several users are reporting issues when opening tabs, and when trying to type in a new address. Clicking on the address bar freezes the computer, many note. Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOSdeveloper says the bug is related to Safari’s search suggestions.

Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue (the status page on the Website reports no issues), let alone give the reason behind this weird problem or provide a patch for it just yet. In the meantime, you can try the following workarounds to avoid the issue.

Mac users can fix the issue by following the below steps: Open Safari, and go to Preferences. Go toSearch tab, and deselect Include Search Engine Selections Restart Safari.

iOS users can circumvent the issue by complying to the following steps: Go to Settings app, scroll down and find Safari. Turn off the Safari Suggestions

This should stop Safari from crashing.

Alternatively, you can also try surfing the Web on the incognito mode. You can do so by going to File, and opening a New Private Window on your Mac or tapping on the rightmost button in the bottom strip Safari on iOS to see the tab switcher and then tapping on Private.


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