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Apple Hits Record High but Leaves Some Investors in Dust

Apple shares cruised to a record-high close Monday, helping catapult the S&P 500 stock index over the $20 trillion (roughly Rs. 13,38,94,055 crores) mark in what amounts to a victory for plain-vanilla mutual funds over a bevy of hedge fund managers who recently backed away from the iPhone maker. The largest component of the S&P 500 and a core holding ... Read More »

Apple-Samsung iPhone Patent Feud Leaves US Supreme Court Struggling

  The fierce, big-money patent fight between Apple and Samsung left the US Supreme Court groping for a solution on Tuesday, as the justices puzzled over how to discern the value of individual design elements in a complex product like an iPhone. (Also see: Apple Wins Appeal Reinstating $119.6 Million Samsung Verdict) The eight justices heard arguments in Samsung’s bid ... Read More »

Motorola Mobility President Rick Osterloh Leaves Lenovo

Rick Osterloh, President of Motorola Mobility, is leaving parent company Lenovo. The announcement comes roughly one and a half year after his company was acquired from Google by Lenovo. Over the past few months, Lenovo has made several bold strategic moves to fit Motorola into its business model. Lenovo announced the departure of Osterloh on Friday. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer ... Read More »