Tech Mahindra Launches Mobile Gaming-Focused Twitch Rival, mSportz

Tech Mahindra Ltd has launched a mobile gaming live streaming platform called mSportz. According to the service’s official website, the platform aims be the “leading live streaming platform for mobile gaming, aiming to connect the world’s 1 billion mobile gamers.”

Essentially, the app will let you share gameplay from your smartphone or tablet with others the world over. This isn’t exactly new though. Twitch and YouTube Gaming allow you to live-stream your gaming session as long as the game features integration with either service. How Tech Mahindra Ltd implement mSportz remains to be seen. Bandwidth is still a concern for many gamers across platforms and how it plans to tackle this will be a point of interest.

“The launch of mSportz is in line with the internal innovation and incubation initiatives of TechM Growth Factories. mSportz as a platform not only has an opportunity to go to customers directly but is a critical offering that our media and entertainment customers can use to reach out to the millennials and their affinity to e-sports which is growing exponentially,” said Jagadish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth Factories, Tech Mahindra in a prepared statement.

It appears that Tech Mahindra wants to use the mSportz brand to build an ecosystem around mobile gaming. Not an entirely unique concept and not one that’s bound to pay dividends any time soon. Especially in a country where monetisation and retention on smartphone games are pain points. Even more so when you consider that there’s been very little change in the top 10 charts for games on Android and iOS in the last two years.

The firm claims to leverage in-house tech and industry partners though we’re yet to hear of anyone tying up with it yet (thought the site does feature games like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone). Coupled with the fact that the app is still in beta leads us to believe that this announcement is premature at best.


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