No matter where you stand on global warming, there’s no denying that taking care of the planet and being responsible about waste should be a priority for every person. But if you live in a big city or a more urban area, it may seem impossible to live a greener life that’s helpful for the environment. In truth, there are several simple ways to live responsibly and care for the earth, even in the city.

Recycle Your Electronics Responsibly

Consider cell phone, tablet and even laptop recycling toronto to cut back on waste. Most people upgrade their laptops every three years and replace their cell phones every two. If you can’t sell or trade in, make sure you use the proper venues to recycle your electronics to save energy.

Get Smart About Household Waste

While most major cities have a recycling program, do your research to find out what condition these items must be in when received. Items that aren’t properly cleaned are usually sent to landfills even if they are made from recyclable materials. If you have access to outdoor space, consider composting to manage waste more responsibly and fertilize your houseplants at the same time.

Find a Better Way to Commute

One of the most impactful ways to stay green in the city is to rethink your commute methods. Chances are, driving your own car is a hassle, and public transportation is usually faster, cheaper and more convenient. Take it one step further and commit to walking or biking when possible. You’ll be making the best choice for the environment and your health.

No matter where you live, you can make a difference by making responsible choices to improve earth’s surface and atmosphere. Every effort helps and makes the world a safer and healthier place both for you and for future generations.

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