Summer is here! It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Before you slip into the crowds, however, you’ll want to make sure that you’re protected from unsafe situations. Here are just a few pieces of gun concealment clothing that will give you peace of mind while you’re participating in summertime activities.

1. Concealed Carry Zip Pocket Leggings

With an attractive design that hides a two-holster carrying capability, the Concealed Carry Zip Pocket Leggings are ideal for women who don’t want to sacrifice style for safety. They’ll hide your gun from the world, but they’ll also be a fashionable garment that you can pair with all sorts of blouses, dresses and skirts. As a bonus, they even come with a zipper!

2. Merlin Fanny Pack Holster

Perfect for summertime vacations, the Merlin Fanny Pack Holster is one of the most clever concealed carry accessories that money can buy. It’s so small that it doesn’t even look like it could fit a gun inside of it, but thanks to its revolutionary design, it can hold a gun, magazine and speed loader!

3. Double Strap Leather Purse

The best gun concealment purses are ones that function like real handbags. They don’t just hide your firearm in a safe place; they also let you organize your keys, tissues, money and makeup in convenient compartments and dividers. The Double Strap Leather Purse is great for both of these things, so it should top your list of concealed carry purses.

4. Concealed Carry V-Neck Tee

A common misconception about concealed carry shirts is that they have to be bulky, heavy things in order to properly hide a gun. The Concealed Carry V-Neck Tee shows you that this is untrue. Not only is it light and breathable for summer weather, but it’ll tuck away your gun from prying eyes.

These are just a few examples of gun concealment clothing that can help you have a safe and happy summer. There are many more, so don’t feel limited by the suggestions here. You can always check out other items from gun concealment specialty shops and find something that works for you!

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