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Most parents would agree that the process of raising kids is a non-stop. It can be tempting to let them play outside alone, just to have a few minutes to ourselves. It may even prompt us to allow them to play outside just because there’s another adult present, even though we don’t know the adult. However, each scenario carries a risk that’s hard to calculate. More often than not, our children are ok when we do these things. However, we leave them vulnerable and open to all kinds of dangers when we take these kinds of risks.

All it Takes is One Time
Even if there is another adult outside if we don’t know them and haven’t asked them to look after our children. They are not guaranteed any safety. As soon as the adult gets ready to leave, he or she may walk away without a second thought regarding your child. Everyone is different. Not all adults feel compelled to look after an unknown child’s safety. Don’t depend on adult strangers to be temporary caretakers for your child. It’s both dangerous and unreliable.

A Child Alone is a…Child Alone
Children deserve our watchful protection. There is no guarantee that a young child is ever safe when they are playing unsupervised. Even if they are not in danger as the result of another person, they could bring harm to themselves. Without a capable adult around to help them, this could be fatal. The dangers are actually unknown. However, without your watchful presence, they are vulnerable to anything and anyone that comes along or happens.

Inches Away…but Not Watching
Distracted parenting is a habit that we all fall into from time to time. We may be consumed with the hybrid coupler we plan on buying. However, mindful parenting is something that should be practiced every chance we get. Accidents can happen when we are mere inches away from our children if we are not paying attention, being nearby is not enough. Our minds and eyes have to be observant and undistracted enough to prevent accidents from happening.

Being a parent is a difficult job. It’s hard to be responsible for the well being of another 24/7. Although none of us are perfect, there is a mindset that all responsible parents must develop to prevent harm from visiting their children as much as possible. Although it’s not always fun to be on duty all the time, we can sleep better at night knowing that we are doing what we should to care for and protect our children.


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