Real estate is an industry that depends upon establishing personalized relationships with potential clients, and email is one of the most successful methods for making those sorts of connections. If you’re like most realtors, however, your work life is already tremendously busy, and you may not have time to craft the email wording that is calculated to elicit the best responses. Fortunately, there are many companies that specialize in email marketing for real estate agents.

How to Generate Leads for Your Email Marketing

Make sure prospective clients have many opportunities to sign up for your email blasts. Opt-in forms on your website are an effective email list recruitment strategy as are postings on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Offering a free content in exchange for an email address is also a great way to build your email databank. That content can be something like a neighborhood guide, a home-buying or home-selling guide, or a list of local homes in that neighborhood that are beneath a particular price point. Just remember that an email list is only as valuable as the follow-up you do with it.

Using Email to Become More Productive

Once a prospective client has signed up to receive emails from you, it’s time for you to interest that individual enough to pursue a face-to-face encounter. The first message you send out should be a welcome email that thanks your new contact for signing up for your email list. Since most people are barraged with emails, you’ll only have a relatively short amount of time to prove your value to your new contact; if you don’t, you’re likely to end up in that individual’s spam buffer.

Keep your welcome message short and sweet. Mention the email newsletter you will be sending out regularly and close with a call to action that emphasizes why you are the very best local agent to work with.

Email newsletters are most likely to be read if they contain fresh information that the recipient is not receiving through any other channel. Real estate data can be dull to people who are not industry insiders, so try to incorporate eye-catching infographics into your text.

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