El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has yet again made his love for Bitcoin public. In a tweet, Bukele boldly announced that the days of fiat money may soon be over and that Bitcoin is the “real revolution” the world is seeing at present. Bukele also mentioned that El Salvador is spearheading this Bitcoin era.

Taking to Twitter, the El Salvador President stated on Friday that the “Bitcoin Experiment” has only seen the world adopt the cryptocurrency for good. He mentioned that it remains to be seen what impact the adoption of Bitcoin can create on a country’s economy. If it turns out well, the days of fiat money may be over soon, he predicted.

By directing his comments at fiat currency in general, Bukele has raised a question on the future of the existing physical currencies around the world. Since Bitcoin is all digital and decentralised, it has the power to reach a scale of adoption far beyond what we have seen with any other currency. All it has to do for this is prove itself to be better than fiat for a country’s economy.


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