Not everybody has a creative streak, and if you have children who don’t particular like engaging in arts and crafts, you might have a job on your hands trying to get them involved. Whether your kids love making things or it’s the last thing they would ever want to sit down and starting doing, here are some great tips to encourage your child to start doing arts and crafts or do even more of it.

Buy some books

You’ll be surprised at just how much inspiration your child will get from reading books about arts and crafts. The finished products and the photographs of the step-by-step guide will inspire them to have a go themselves and see what they can achieve. Make sure you buy books, which are suitable for their age – don’t buy books which give them hints and steps on how to make things which are too difficult. This will only make them feel discouraged and like they can’t do it right, and this will damage their self-confidence and make them not want to try again.

Buy them some kits

If you give your children books and guides on how to make things but don’t actually give them the equipment to have a go themselves, they might be left with lots of inspiration but nothing to do about it. You can buy them individual materials, but if they need to start cutting things or shaping them into the right shape and design, this could be too difficult for them at an early stage. If your child isn’t into arts and crafts and you want to encourage them and make them feel like they have achieved something, buy them a kit to try out. This will give them all the pieces they need in all the right sizes, and it’s easy to assemble everything and end up with a beautiful finished product. Look at Aoshima model kits for older children who might want to get into crafting and creating.

Take them to a craft club

Most of the time, children don’t do things because their friends aren’t doing it or because they don’t think it’s a cool thing to do. If you take your children to a club or after-school event where they are doing arts and crafts, they are more likely to feel like they should have a go too. If their friends are interested in art too, they will want to try it out for themselves. Unleashing their inner creative streak is very important for children at a young age, so you could speak to other parents and ask them what their children do and if they are involved in arts and crafts. If there are no after-school clubs at your child’s school and you feel passionate about it, you could ask the school committee to set one up or you could even start one up yourself and run it once a week outside of school hours.

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